Pamela Redmond, Ed.D. Program Chair

Preparing Caring Professionals to Serve, to Lead, to Teach

In this program you will:

  1. Examine the needs of school districts that face the challenges of achievement gaps, inadequate resources, poverty, language, and diverse cultures.

  2. Focus upon effective pedagogies from the real world context of teaching in multicultural school systems.

  3. Develop a community of practice that includes preparation for development from Scholar to Action Researcher to Leader.

  4. Become a leader who employs transformative pedagogy to build sustainable methods for equitable education.

  5. Participate in a plan of study that engenders practices that promote social justice and equity.

  6. Create project work that focuses on engaging and meeting the learning needs of at-risk urban youth.

  7. Demonstrate their ability to meet the National Association of Multicultural Education standards for curriculum through the development of an electronic portfolio.

18 Unit Credential Completion Program  May be Completed in One Year

Urban Education Courses Include:

•EDU 711: Educational Equity for All Students/The Differentiated Classroom

•EDU 714: Identifying and Working with At-Risk Students

•EDU 717: Cultural Issues and Competence in Educational Pedagogy or other elective

Research Courses

•EDU 710: Introduction to Research for Educators

•EDU 716: Reading/Writing Educational Literature

•EDU 795: Master’s Thesis/Project Seminar

The Superintendents’ Partnerships & District Based Cohort Programs

•Convenient Local Location with Summer on Mare Island

•Flexible Scheduling Including Some Online Classes

•Local School District Facilitator to Support You

•Cohort Model - Strong Support Network

  1.    Personal Attention

  2.    Highly Qualified Faculty with Classroom Teaching Experience

The Superintendents of the following districts have agreed to provide classroom space to allow teachers to participate in classes on their campuses:

  1. Benicia Unified School District
    Fairfield-Suisun School District
    Martinez Unified School District
    Mt. Diablo Unified School District
    Napa Valley Unified School District
    Novato Unified School District
    Travis Unified School District
    Vacaville Unified School District
    Vallejo City Unified School District

Admission Requirements

Admission to the graduate programs (M.A.Ed.) begins with the completion of the  application for admission including the $50 application fee, essay and program specific interview questions. The chair of Graduate Studies reviews the application and determines the final admission decision.  For more information please contact the Chair of Graduate Studies or any of the school district coordinators listed below.

Master of Arts in Education with Emphasis in Urban Education

Main Campus and

Regional School District Cohorts  Now Forming



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